Skeptic’s Corner

The saying goes, “it is better to stay silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt”. I have decided to remove all doubt by starting a monthly column on a local expat magazine in Dongguan called Hubhao, mainly because I have very thick skin.

There are tradeoffs writing in dead tree format. I cannot sneakily correct any mistakes, nor can I provide reference links to show how I misuse and misquote them. There’s also the pesky requirement for decency, of which I lack completely. Relevance is another concern, which strikes me as odd since that implies that people might actually read my articles.

For those (being generous here using plural) interested, I have decided to provide the original articles here in uncensored form, with all the references and rightfully deleted content:

Skeptic’s Corner:

July 2015: In Search of Fake Eggs (hubhao) (original) (blog)

August 2015: The Myth of Alkaline Water (hubhao) (original) (blog)

September 2015: Yearning for a Hero (hubhao)(original)(blog)

October 2015: Arthritis and the Weather (hubhao)(original)

November 2015: Taboo Food Combinations, Part 1 (hubhao)(original)

December 2015: Taboo Food Combinations, Part 2 (hubhao)(original)(繁体中文

January 2016: Tu Youyou and the Nobel Prize (hubhao)(original)(pdf)

February 2016: Three Bite Sparrow (hubhao)(original)(pdf)

March 2016: Cold and the Common Cold (hubhao)(original)(pdf)

April 2016: AlphaGo and Artificial Intelligence (hubhao)(original)(pdf)

May 2016: The Pitfalls of Mercy Release (hubhao)(original)(pdf)

June 2016: Combating Misinformation (hubhao)(original)(pdf)

July 2016: Cell Phones and Cancer (hubhao)(original)(pdf)

August 2016: China’s IV Drip Addiction (hubhao)(original)(繁體中文)(pdf)

September 2016: Cupping and the Olympics (hubhao)(original)(pdf)

October 2016: What Is Face? (hubhao)(original)(pdf)

November 2016: Apathy or Self-Protection? (hubhao)(original)

December 2016: Election and Reflection (hubhao)(original)

January 2017: The Mystery Go Master (hubhao)(original)

Case for and Against:

November 2015: E-bikes, Against (hubhao)(original)

Secret Businessman:

January 2016: Theft Comes in Many Forms (hubhao)(original)(pdf)

Book Review:

June 2015: Factory Girls (hubhao) (original)